10 Thoughts That Sum Up the iPic North Miami Beach Gala

by Marlee Brannock, December 12, 2015 - 7:43 pm

As you relinquish your vehicle to the valet and step onto the red carpet at the iPic North Miami Beach Grand Opening Gala, there are many sights to behold. Cocktail waitress on both sides of the entrance offering specialty cocktails and champagne. Two ladies dressed up in underwear and huge headlamps that cover half their face with the word “GRATTITUDE” written across, in honor of artist Peter Tunney. Other creatures found on the red carpet for must-have photo ops are the women in head-to-toe, alien costumes: one with three huge sparkling eyes and laser fingers, one with horns covered in flowers, and another in a gold and black pattern and axe-like limbs. The iPic NMB Gala was, undoubtedly, out of this world. Here are 10 thoughts that guests probably had at the unforgettable event.

1. I feel like a celebrity rolling up to an award show right now.


2. Yes, I will take a tuck mojito.


3. *After being given list of show times* I can even see a movie tonight!


4. I am definitely getting my picture taken with these lamp girls.


5. …did I just spot THE Peter Tunney?!


6. This charcuterie is amazing.


7. I think I’ll try the Norma Jean cocktail next… strawberries, vodka, lemonade? Yes please.


8. Are these the bathrooms or a VIP lounge?


9. I spy a dessert table… candy, cookies, cake pops…and now I’m in a food coma.


10. I will never see a movie in a normal theater. Ever. Again