Tanning: Trials & Tribulations

by Marlee Brannock, January 12, 2016 - 9:01 pm

When you live in Florida, it seems like tan skin is expected. But when you lose the genetic lottery that blesses its winners with golden skin, you have to seek outside means of help. Behold an array of options and one true solution to bronze beautifully.
1. The Sun: Sure this is an option. Spending time outside is the OG way to get tan. However since scientific study has shown the detrimental effects of sun exposure, such as skin cancer, premature skin aging and skin damage, we’ll be happy to pass on this option.
2. Tanning Bed: Ahhh the tanning bed. When it’s too cold to sunbathe or when tan-enthusiasts become too impatient to lay outside, the tanning bed becomes a solution. It turns out that this is just as harmful at the sun itself. UV radiation from tanning lamps lead to the same symptoms as sun damage.
3. Self-Tanner: Save your skin, the solution is here!! Self-tanner is the perfect way to achieve a sun-less glow, conveniently in the comfort of your own home. We personally suggest Melissa Weinberg’s product line of self-tanning lotions, mousses and extenders. Made with natural based ingredients by tanning expert Melissa Weinberg, the products are infused with the best and highest quality ingredients such as pure coconut oil, argon oil, and top botanicals for soft skin and the best sunless tan on the market today.